My intention is to teach you how to build strong and resilient feet!

Hi, I’m Rina Harris, The Functional Podiatrist.

I’m a London-based Podiatrist with over 15 years experience. I have a Degree in Podiatric Medicine, a Postgraduate Diploma in Podiatric Biomechanics. I’m a certified Yoga Trapeze Instructor. And I’m a mother of two active boys.

I LOVE being outdoors and living a healthy and active life. I grew up in a sporty family that encouraged me to move, play sport, spend time in nature and walk BAREFOOT. I love winter sports, particularly snowboarding!

I truly believe that strong and stable feet are the foundation of human movement. The human body is interconnected and functions as one self-organised system. So, foot function influences every part of our body and it can therefore greatly influence how we move, exercise and perform.

Rina Harris Functional Podiatrist Running Coach Yoga Trapeze

I’m passionate about TRUE natural foot function and natural footwear!

As my career has developed, I’ve discovered that what I really love is helping patients walk-run-move pain-free, educating them about foot health and empowering them to take ownership of their own wellbeing. I have worked at several leading clinics and hospitals and in 2019 I took the leap and pursued my dream of running my own business.

I want to help people that share similar values to me: to be authentic, active, adventurous, compassionate, responsible!

In the field of podiatry, my personal experience is that orthoses (custom-made insoles) are generally over-prescribed. Foot and ankle injuries don’t only originate at the site of the pain, but are often caused by a wider issue. Compensatory movements due to lack of mobility, stability, strength and lifestyle are all contributors. I’ve found that failure to address the underlying problems often leaves the patient with a higher risk of re-injury.

That’s where my passion for integrating natural foot function and yoga comes in. Many of the principles that are used in yoga practice; barefoot movement training, mobility and strength training, single leg balance and the integration of the myofascial system, are the same principles I now instil in my patients.

Watching my boys move and run with such ease and grace has emphasised even more to me that our feet are perfectly designed and know how to move and interact with our environment. Our feet are not flawed, but resilient and perfectly tuned for natural body movement. However, for many of us the modern world has forced us into sedentary occupations, prolonged sitting and modern footwear. They have all been shown to be a distinct threat to our physical movement and health.

My mission in life is to enjoy a healthy and meaningful life doing the things I love, whilst helping others make positive changes and improve their quality of life.