MAXIMISE your foot potential!


You are here because you love an active lifestyle but for some reason are unable to enjoy your sport/activities.

Perhaps you are dealing with persistent foot pain, or an ankle sprain that won’t settle. You’ve been told you have FLAT FEET and need orthoses for life. Or maybe you want to start running but you’re unsure about running trainers and wondering where to start.

This is where I can help. I know how debilitating pain can be and how it affects your wellbeing. How choosing the right shoes or running trainers can be extremely confusing because of endless choices.


In the world of Traditional Podiatry, orthoses, insoles and arch supports tend to be the main treatment strategy. But in truth they’re over-used. Using external support and focusing only on the symptoms does not cut it if the main GOAL is long-term sustainable foot health and optimal function. Long-term use of orthoses can cause muscle weakness and joint stiffness. Plus, they’re costly to the patient.

It’s time to redefine foot health, strip back the layers and build you from the ground up!

Why is the pain there?

My aim is to find the root cause of your pain by not only focusing on your symptoms but also addressing underlying issues using the strategies: PROTECT, CORRECT, PREVENT, EDUCATE – FOOTWEAR and RUNNING education.

I combine a range of disciplines, principles and tools to develop an individual treatment programme, including:

One of the main focal points when it come to restoring natural foot function, relieving foot pain and improving joint stability and muscle strength.

Barefoot movement training places emphasis on mobility and strength, with particular focus on the nervous system — especially proprioception and sensory-motor integration which prepares us to thrive in conditions that we encounter in daily life.

Focusing on mobilising fascia, muscle and joints to help relieve foot pain and restore foot function.

Focus on restoring foot function, aligning the toes, improving joint stability, muscle strength, postural balance and relieving foot pain.

Appropriate prescription and adjustment of load exercises, to maximise adaptation and performance with a minimal risk of injury.

Focuses on integrating the Myofascial System for optimising dynamic stability and functional strength. These techniques enhance postural stability, improve local mobility and integrate mind-body in a purposeful and conscious way.

These tools provide external support therefore, they focus on managing external load. They are used in chronic cases and where appropriate they will be used temporarily followed by a reintegration programme.

This is an investment in everything you need to restore your natural foot function. It will prevent you from having to replace your orthoses/insoles for the rest of your life.