Your body is beautiful especially when it's in flow motion!

Yoga Trapeze is a functional fitness tool and the most popular yoga inversion sling. An extremely versatile piece of creative equipment, it acts as a powerful assistant which facilitates a wonderful, deeper yoga experience both on a physical and emotional level.

The trapeze provides physical support allowing the muscles to relax, making every movement, pose and transition between postures easy and smooth. It’s a great tool for mobilising joints, placing less stress on important anatomical structures and reducing the risk of injury.

It allows you to practice new and different postures in ways that can transform your practice — particularly neuromuscular strength, the ability to produce controlled movement through coordinated muscle activity, along with functional stability, mobility and balance.

It’s also a great inversion tool for spinal decompression, producing instant traction on the spine and increasing space between the lower vertebrae.

The physical touch of the trapeze creates a profound environment for emotional connection, safety and peace. It creates awareness and balance between body and mind, moving you closer to the state of union which is the true essence of yoga.

The trapeze creates a playful and creative experience. People love the feeling of ease, connection, pleasure and losing oneself in the present moment, becoming MINDFUL.